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Bolt on extended swingarm

Bolt on extended swingarm

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All sizes are pre order 4-8 week wait

Transforming your bike has never been easier with our Bolt On Extended Swingarm! Instantly add length to your bike's wheelbase for a superior riding experience. In stock and ready to ship, upgrade your bike today!

Bolt on extended swingarm for razor mx500, mx650, and sx500. This 7-8 inch bolt on will give you room to run bigger rims, and bigger motor. Has drop out to adjust chain tension. We also provide smaller extensions 4-5 inch, and 5-6 inch. Adjustable axle slides.  Made from 6061 billet aluminum. Heavy duty  

Comes with adjustable brake caliper mount. Made to run brake mount on either side top or bottom for different setups!

Needs minor modification. 

  • Drill a few holes in swingarm.
  • Cut old brake bracket off. (Not necessary purely cosmetic)
  • includeds 2 arms left and right, axle with bolts , chain adjustment bolts, and brake bracket. 

Pre order. Customer Must provide drillbit and cutting tool. 
You will need to extend your chain.  There’s some links to chains, also chain breaker. Waiting on axles to ship out existing orders

4-5 in pre order

5-6 in pre order

7-8 in preorder

25h chain

t8f chain

Chain tool -

Short and quick install 


full install longer version.

Your order will be fulfilled in the order it was received.

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